Credit Card – What’s the Advantage of Having One?

Credit card is now accepted in most stores, have you ever stopped to notice? The ‘plastic money’ is becoming the favorite of Brazilians. According to, over 80% of consumers prefer credit cards at the time of purchase.

Other indicators show that the supermarket is where credit cards are most used, followed by pharmacies and restaurants. This is due to the ease of paying the amount on upcoming invoices and taking advantage of the point programs.

Loan and Credit Credit Card

Loan and Credit Credit Card

Due to the good acceptance of the trade, nowadays it is possible to apply for a card over the internet without leaving home! With this you can see the advantages, compare with other options and even track the invoice by phone or computer. Did you only know the card provided by your bank? Be aware that there are several options besides those available to you! Below are two great solutions for those who want a full credit card:

You already know Loan and Credit for car and home services, but know that the company has a card option for every situation! It is possible to apply for your Loan and Credit credit card over the internet, you accompany all information at the time of request.
When you make a Loan and Credit Credit Card you get discounts on your franchise, discounts at Loan and Credit Automotive Centers and the first annuity is free!

Good Finance Credit Card


This is for those who like to be part of an exclusive Gift Club and participate in the Rewards Program! There are several card and flag options, with national and international coverage, always the best way for you!

To apply for a credit card follow the steps:  

1 – Open the Good Credit website  

2 – Make your registration, all data is encrypted (secret) and you can be sure that it will not be disclosed!

3 – Choose the best credit card option for you, on our page you can see the benefits of each one.

4 – Follow the step by step, it may be that the company you are asking for security information, just to say that it is not a fraud.

5 – Ready! Our system will process your request and you will receive a contact affirming the request.

6 – If you want to track the status of your order, go to My Requests.

Applying for a credit card has never been easier and safer, and by doing everything over the internet you can have control of your bill and spending right from your mobile phone!