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06.02.2017 – Insurance tip


The imprint of the photo is only directly related to CosmosDirekt and the picture source Thinkstock_iStock_Tomwang112.

  • According to a forsa poll, 28 percent of Germans would opt for an alternative drive when buying a new car.
  • Electric cars are more sensitive to cold than petrol and diesel vehicles.

Hybrid, electric and gas cars are among the most popular vehicles with alternative propulsion: They protect the environment, resources and, in the long term, also the wallet. For more and more German drivers are enough reasons to switch to the next car purchase of petrol or diesel vehicle on one of the new variants. But how do electric cars & Co. behave in wintry temperatures? Roman Wagner, a car insurance expert from CosmosDirekt, explains what owners should look for.

Diesel and LPG drive: switch to winter fuel
Alternative drives are still rare on German roads. According to a forsa survey commissioned by CosmosDirekt, only 3 percent of motorists currently drive the "green" future models. In 10 years, that could already look different: Almost one in three (28 percent) would opt for a new car for a car with hybrid engine, gas or electric drive. "Vehicles powered by diesel or LPG run without any problems even at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. The prerequisite is that the winter diesel or winter gas used in Germany during the cold season is refueled with a modified composition, "says Roman Wagner.

Electric cars: less range at minus degrees
What many do not know: In contrast to the conventional drive, the electric version is the most susceptible to cold. Even temperatures below -5 degrees reduce the capacity of the electric car battery significantly. This can lead to the usual range of vehicles being significantly reduced. "The battery is the heart of the electric car and a very expensive component. It is best to protect them against damage, such as full or partial comprehensive insurance. Individual insurers also offer the option of protecting against damage caused by operating errors such as deep discharge or overcharging, "explains Roman Wagner.

  • Drive systems 91 KB

  • 1 Population-representative survey "Auto-emotions" by the opinion research institute forsa on behalf of CosmosDirekt. In May 2016, 2,004 motorists aged 18 and over were interviewed in Germany who own a car in the household.

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